Monday, 5 August 2013

How Do You Get On The Do Not Call List

Whenever someone gets a call from an unwanted number, one always think how to get relief from such pesky calls to make their life at ease. There are also a lot many number of times when one just has to deal with such call, knowingly or unknowingly. But all of it should have a solid solution to those become victims to such calls that are unrelated to their lives. There have been so many forums on the internet to share concerns on How Do You Get On The Do Not Call List and complaints about the calls but that doesn’t affect much the concerned promotional companies. In order to get a solutions for once and all, the federal authorities made laws related to such calls through which such companies won’t be able to make a call to anyone who has got themselves registered on the national do not call registry. The list saves such users from the everyday tyranny created by a lot of advertising organizations and marketers.
One can also take a sigh of relief as one does not have to bear those grunting voices on the other side of the phone. Since every technology has its own boons and banes, the list helps the registered users to use their time much more efficiently without having to worry about the unnecessary calls. Since many people question how do you get on the do not call list and also whether or not they have to give any further fee after registering once on the list, there are many ways by a user can get an answer. 
But the most fruitful one is the official web site of the authority that deals with it all. Usually, there are no fees to register or anything even after getting registered. In the US alone, the national do not call us helps take care of millions of users who used to get many calls. After the list set up, the number of calls and complaints related to them dropped significantly.
This in itself tells the positive effects of such campaigns and laws that provide peace of mind to millions across the country. There are also many ways by which one lodge complaints if one is still getting such calls to take required actions. It then becomes unlawful for any company to make any call with the help of an automatic telephone dialing system to any registered telephone number, listed on the registry. There are several penalties that one can get in lieu of that. All you need to do is just register your cell phone or home phone on the list’s web site for free of cost. This one step saves you from telemarketers’ harassing calls all through day and night. It is a service intended to save people’s time and give them much needed peace of mind.
If you are still wondering how do you get on the do not call list, browse through the official site of the authority on the internet to get all required answers. Easy as that.

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Monday, 3 June 2013

DO NOT CALL – Do not Call List

Annoying Phone Calls
Because the world is rapidly evolving, more and more businesses have been established and that simply means additional annoying telephone calls that you have to take. Telemarketers and all other call center companies are the ones constantly ringing your phone every day and night offering you different kinds of products. While you are waiting for an important call, you received an unwanted or unsolicited call instead and it’s getting more and more irritating because you might miss an important phone call by a family or a friend or even a call from the company you applied for. You feel so hopeless for you can’t stop them from calling you even if you beg them not to call you anymore, they are now getting into your nerves and you just wanted to shout… “Please DO NOT CALL me again!”
But for your own knowledge, telemarketers are not the only one who keep bothering and wasting your time. There are also individuals who like pulling pranks, calling numbers of different households saying unnecessary things and what’s worse is that some prank callers are very harmful and likes to harass anybody. If you are one of those households then these unwanted calls are getting pretty serious and have to be stopped, NOW.
Have you not heard the news that people like you, who are bothered by unwanted phone calls, can now do something about it? Because unwanted phone calls are becoming more of a serious problem nowadays, to the point that the caller is harassing you, the United States of America established a program that would reduce the amount of unwanted telemarketing calls or pranks calls called the Do Not Call list.
Be secured at Do Not Call Guard.
Do Not Call Guard is a service which allow you to add both your landline and mobile number to the do not call list and it is for FREE. As explained above, the DO NOT CALL list was created from the minds of geniuses to safeguard your solitude and to prevent these companies from bothering you. This kind of service is very efficient and effective but somehow those telemarketer companies are so persistent that even though you are now protected by the Do Not Call Guard they still keep on calling you. But one thing is for sure, once you receive a call from a telemarketer after being enrolled in the do not call list for 45 days, inform them as soon as possible and they will be the one to file apt complaint against such company. Convenient, don’t you think? But that is what Do Not Call Guard is for – to make things easier for you.
If you don’t want to be bothered again by unnecessary calls, then the solution on your problem starts from you. If you report these companies right away – all your irritations will fade away. You can comfortably relax in your own house without all the ringing on your telephone. For only $1.95 per month, you are 24/7 secured by your Do Not Call Guard.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Do Not Call List - Frequently Asked Issues About The List

Sometimes when you are in the middle of working something that needs to be done without being disturbed, you get phone calls from telemarketers who only talks about the products they want you to have. This is increasing each day and you can no longer handle the disturbance these phone calls are doing. You are not alone in this mess. There are countless residence that are having a hard time answering these phone calls because all it does is promote the products they have. Sometimes you are not given the time to speak since some of these calls are made by robo dialers. Many residents have reported this to local government agencies that it has disturbed their home. Due to the level of this case, a law was implemented by the government where residents can register their names to the do not call list, a list where it has registered all the phone and mobile numbers of residents that do not wish to received calls from telemarketers.
The do not call list today has become more regulated compared to when it was first implemented. This is due to the telemarketers or businesses ignoring the rules that the government has heightened its restrictions and will file lawsuit against those who disobey the rules of telemarketing sales. This is only possible if the consumer will report the company to the authorities. The regulations implemented may depend from one state to another but generally it implements strict rules for telemarketing companies to follow.
  • The telemarketer's calling time is between 8 in the morning and 9 at night. A violation will occur if telemarketers call outside the given time.
  • The registered mobile and phone numbers in the do not call list are valid for five years. Consumers do not need to register their number again within those years unless they have changed their mobile or phone number.
  •  It depends on where you register your phone or mobile number. Government agencies register both mobile and phone numbers for free. It is also recommended for consumers to register all numbers that they have whether it be phone or mobile.
  • The list does not apply to entities that are a necessity for a resident such as insurance companies, charities, credit unions, banks, airlines, telephone companies, or political fundraisers. Even when the consumer has registered their number at a federal level, they may still receive calls from the aforementioned entities.
  • If you have an existing relationship from the last twelve to eighteen months with a telemarketer, you will receive phone calls from them.
Despite the rules mentioned above, if you as a consumer has been called by a telemarketing company and you do not like hearing from them again, you are recommended to request that your name, your number and the name of the company be listed on a list where the telemarketing companies are needed to uphold.
Companies must honor the rules and regulations implemented on the do not call list or they will face charges against them.
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